Kembali Beach Bungalows

Kembali Beach Bungalows is a nicely set-up and laid-back small scale beach hotel in Amed, East Bali, providing 8 beautiful separate bungalows with sea view, a lovely garden, a half open restaurant and a cosy pool. The combination of Dutch ownership and local Balinese staff results in a relaxed atmosphere that mixes Western comfort with Asian serenity perfectly.

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The hotel is situated at the beginning of Amed and very easy to reach. Within walking distance you will find several bars and restaurants and a small supermarket. A perfect place to relax, get away from it all and wander around to absorb the easy-going Balinese life…..

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Kembali Beach Bungalows Restaurant

All 8 bungalows are spacious and have ceiling fans, a private bathroom with toilet, a large wooden veranda and a hot shower & air conditioning. The view is great overseeing the sea and from the garden you can see rising in the distance, the majestic Gunung Agung (the highest mountain in Bali). All the bungalows are seperated from each other and nearly hidden in a lush tropical garden thus providing plenty of privacy without blocking the beautiful views. Imagine yourself sitting on the veranda of your own little beach house……

Kembali Beach Bungalows Pool
Kembali Beach Bungalows Frontside

At a distance of only 10 metres from the beach just in front of the hotel, the sea provides you with a beautiful coral reef highly suitable for snorkelling. In the area of Amed there are many dive spots to enjoy marine life more intensely. Due to the perfect diving conditions in the Amed area, it is also a great opportunity for you to experience diving for the first time. Just trie it and let a new world open up to you!
We work closely together with Adventure Divers Bali, situated in the direct neighbourhood of our hotel with all amenities to serve the experienced, as well as the beginning diver.

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