The bungalows

The bungalows contain characteristics of traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture. The inclusion of shutters for doors and windows provides you with a touch of the Mediterranean. The bungalows offer plenty of comfort and the interiors are tasteful and serene. By using different colors and accents every bungalow charms you with its own atmosphere.

Kembali Beach Bungalows Frontside
Kembali Beach Bungalows Pool Bungalows
Kembali Beach Bungalows
Kembali Beach Bungalows Connected Rooms
Kembali Beach Bungalows Sea View

The bungalows consist of a spacious bedroom with a four-poster double bed romantically covered with a mosquito net, and a private semi-open bathroom providing all necessary facilities without interfering with your ‘room to move’, and a roomy veranda. Each bungalow can hold an extra bed for a third person or provide separate sleeping facilities. Suitable illumination, a toilet and a spacious hot shower complete this charming beach bungalow. Within the room the roof is exposed, which makes the rooms more spacious and much cooler. Not a bad thing in sunny Amed…..!

Kembali Beach Bungalows Veranda

In the daytime you can keep your bungalow ‘breezy’ by closing the shutters and opening the windows whilst the sun is kept out. At night you can close all and enjoy the coolness of the AC, or you can embrace the sound of the sea and the coolness of the breeze and your fan, by only using the shutters.
At the front of each bungalow, you can witness the sunrise and sunset on your own veranda overlooking the sea with the inevitable Jukungs (traditional Balinese fishing boats). And if you are lucky you will see the dolphins pass by…..!

A couple of bungalows offer the opportunity for families with (small) children to make one out of two bungalows, creating a family room. Through an existing gateway the two bungalows are connected. By locking their front door and using the extra side doors children can only leave the bungalow through their parent’s one. So separate bedrooms but still one entrance…..!

Kembali Beach Bungalows Room with a view
Kembali Beach Bungalows Interior
Kembali Beach Bungalows Bathroom
Kembali Beach Bungalows Interior